Our Clubhouse is the facet of the business that allows our Club Owner’s to make Automatic Income From Their Automobile. After we take you through the course, we give you the option to build your rental fleet at the Clubhouse. Our Clubhouse is a Vehicle Mangement Fleet Company. We allow our club owner’s to house their vehicles at our facility to be ran for profit to their benefit. What does that mean? It means you can continue living life while we run your daily operations and earn your profit for you. Our Facility + Your Vehicles = Your profit!

Autopreneur Club has built our business model around the Rideshare Industry with companies like Uber with a value of 72 Billion and Lyft with a Value of 18 Billion. The Rideshare Industry is set to hit 218 Billion by 2025; this number allows the Carsharing Industry the ability to hit 9 Billion by 2026. While most of our Club Owners use Hyrecar because of the need based niche of Rideshare, we also accept members for Turo, Getaround, and Avail. We will choose your platform and build your rental fleet around your specific income goals. In addition, we do accept rental fleets that have already been created. We can set you up for a membership, and we can manage the operations of your daily fleet. Just to name of few of the
Daily Operations:

  • Onboarding Vehicles
  • Listing Vehicles
  • Check In and Check Out
  • Wash and Stage the cars
  • Maintenance Checks
  • Claims and Risk procedures
  • Reimbursement servicing
  • Vehicle Shopping
  • Customer Service

Our first Clubhouse is in Stockbridge 20 miles south of Downtown Atlanta. We look forward to adding more Clubhouses across the country, as we continue to grow.